C.M. Punk Saves Festus, Heat On Linda McMahon For 9/11 Stance

– Linda McMahon is getting some criticism from Republicans and Democrats alike for her wishy-washy response to a question about whether the 9/11 trials should be held in New York. “I’ll probably have more firm policy statements after the first of the year,” she said. A Republican opponent said that her refusal to pick a side shows her inexperience. A spokesman for one of Linda’s Republican opponents in the Senate race said, “It is deeply disappointing that when given the opportunity to stand firm against Sen. Dodd’s dangerous and misguided approach, Mrs. McMahon took a pass. It goes to show that slick campaign ads and an army of high-priced consultants can’t buy the experience and judgment necessary to keep our nation safe.”

UPDATE: The McMahon campaign now tells Courant.com: “Linda is opposed to trying Khalid Sheik Mohammad in civilian court. Her position on terrorist trials is crystal clear and unwavering, just as it is with cap-and-trade, card check legislation, government-run healthcare and runaway spending.”

Warning: The following contains a minor spoiler for Friday’s SmackDown:

– The WWE superstar formerly known as Festus has been repackaged and is now aligned with C.M. Punk. During Tuesday night’s SmackDown taping, Festus joined Punk in the ring and announced himself as Luke Gallos. Gallos acted like a normal guy and blamed his previous mental condition on years of drug abuse. Punk took credit for helping Gallos get off drugs and has taken him under his wing. Gallos is expected to serve as Punk’s enforcer.

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