Buddy Murphy Taking Leave Of Absence From WWE 205 Live; “The Champ Is Going On A Well Deserved Vacation”

The Cruiserweight Champion, Buddy Murphy has announced his plans to take a break from WWE 205 Live for the foreseeable future.

Despite the fact that he is the champion for the brand, it would appear that Murphy isn’t going to be on the show for a while, as he announced via social media.

Buddy Murphy stated that since joining the brand he has loved every moment, going from nothing to something, but he is going on a well-deserved vacation back to Australia for the next few weeks.

Murphy added that he will be watching the ‘Buddy Murphy Classic’ closely, asking who wants to try and stop the unstoppable?

🚨 ANNOUNCEMENT 🚨 pic.twitter.com/Pyo5rLTSjI

— 205Live Hall of Famer (@WWE_Murphy) February 27, 2019

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