Braun Strowman’s WrestleMania Plan Change Possibly Connected to Recent Roman Reigns Steroid Allegations

As we noted earlier this week, the original plan of Braun Strowman vs The Miz for the WWE Intercontinental Title now appears to be off for WrestleMania 34, and despite a rumor from Sports Illustrated that the IC Title match at the PPV could be a Fatal Five Way involving Strowman, The Monster Among Men’s New Orleans plans remain unclear.

As Mike Killam reported last week, documentary filmmaker Jonny Bravo has been on something of a witch hunt recently, attempting to link WWE Superstar Roman Reigns to Richard Rodriguez, the former owner of a Miami gym and nutritional supplements company that was arrested by the DEA in connection with a multimillion-dollar steroid ring.

While Reigns has publicly claimed he has never met Rodriguez and denies Rodriguez’s allegations, Johnny Bravo claimed in a recent Instagram post to be “on location” where they are filming “another key to the Reigns case”. Bravo then teased the “full report” documenting all his findings will be released to the public “shortly”.

Dave Meltzer noted on today’s edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE scrapping original Strowman plans could be connected to the recent steroid allegations made against Roman Reigns. Meltzer said WWE could be retaining Strowman as a WrestleMania main event “plan B” should Richard Rodriguez and/or Johnny Bravo release hard evidence which could prove damaging to Roman Reigns and actually link him to the steroid ring.

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