Bobby Lashley Talks GFW Management Changes, Pay Issues In The Past & More

Former Impact Wrestling World Champion and Bellator MMA Heavyweight contender Bobby Lashley was recently interviewed by Below are some of the highlights.

On what the Impact Wrestling management changes and promotional transitions mean for the talent in the company: “Yeah, this is an obvious answer for us – it doesn’t matter. You know why it doesn’t matter? We had some rough times in TNA. We had some pay issues, and this and that, they were some other issues. But at that time, we were working harder than we ever worked. Even though, you know, we were being paid late and all, we worked harder than we worked before. And after that, when the new management came in, when the new crew came in, we didn’t skip a week. We just kept working. And then they said they were replacing – there were some people that went out and some people that came in, but as far as how have we’ve worked, we’re going to continue what we’re doing, because we’re wrestlers.

“When you put wrestlers on TV, they’re the highest professionals in the business. We’re the highest professionals in this business. In that way, we just go out there and work. The good thing is, things are now alright. We’ve had the opportunity to come [to India], which we didn’t have before. Some of the guys are saying they’ve had some issues that are being taken care of now. So there are positives.

“But as I said, there is nothing different in how hard we work. So we’re going to continue what we’re doing regardless of if he get paid, if we don’t get paid. Regardless of if we have him as the leader, or if she’s the leader. It doesn’t matter. We love what we do. So we work as hard as we can, no matter what.”

On being the “ring general” for his match against former UFC Heavyweight Champion Josh Barnett: “I can do that – I love it. I love it. Because, look, I can go and wrestle a match with anyone. You want a match right now, and we can go out there and put on a 30 minute match, and put on a hell of a match. That’s how you are. When you get to a certain level in wrestling, you got to be the ring general, and I’ve been in wrestling for a long time. And I can be a ring general against anybody.

Like, I’ve been having matches… if you’re extremely good, we’re going to put on an extremely good match. If you’ve never stepped in a wrestling ring, and you’re with me, we can still have an excellent wrestling match, because that’s how good I believe I am.”

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