Bill Goldberg Speaks On Steroids and If He Ever Used Steroids

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Bill Goldberg recently appeared on Joe McDonnell’s radio show in Los Angeles. He said he wanted to kill Michael Vick.

When asked about steroids and if he ever used them, Goldberg replied, “I’m gonna have to take the Fifth on that, which will probably answer your question.”

Later in the interview, he admitted to using them at one time and how it was a moral dilemma because he takes being a role model for kids very seriously. He said it was tough for him to present himself as a role model and continue to use steroids. He said the fear of being caught and disappointing kids was too much, so he stopped using them.

In a Texas radio interview, Goldberg said that dealing with all the deaths in wrestling is really tough. He noted that Curt Hennig and Brian Adams helped him out a lot when he was starting in WCW. “Forget about the wrestling side of it, there were two great men with families.” He said something needs to be done about all this and feels that wrestling needs a union. He’s glad that Congress is looking into things. “It’s time for Vince McMahon to take some responbility and stop passing the buck.”

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