Bill Goldberg Bashes TNA: "They Don't Deserve Me"

Source: Live 105.3 FM

This week former world champion Bill Goldberg appeared on Richard “Big Dick” Hunter’s radio show. Goldberg is always very outspoken and this was no exception. When asked about TNA Wrestling, Goldberg had the following to say:

“TNA totally blows, man. I don’t think they have a clue as to what people want to see, I think. They’ve got a very clouded vision. Right after the Benoit death, WWE and TNA had an opportunity to ‘make it right.’ They had an opportunity, they had everyone’s attention and what does TNA do? They go out and sign ‘Pacman’ Jones. That in itself, in a nutshell, describes TNA’s mentality. That as a viable option for Goldberg? Absolutely not. Those guys don’t deserve to have me on their program.”

Love him or hate him, Goldberg does make a good point about TNA’s horrible decision making following the Benoit tragedy. They had a golden opportunity to distance themselves from trashy programming and give wrestling fans a true alternative. Instead, they sign Andrew “Testosterone” Martin and Adam “arrested 7 times since 2005” Jones.

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