Bayley Tells FOX Reporter WWE Stars Drive Themselves; Reporter is Shocked

— WWE Smackdown Women’s champion Bayley was interviewed by FS1’s Kristine Leahy on her show “Fair Game”. The most interesting part about the interview was when Leahy asked Bayley what the toughest part about being a WWE superstar was and Bayley responded that it was the travel and getting from city to city in rental cars in sketchy areas and always fearing that you will run out of gas. Leahy was surprised that WWE superstars had to drive themselves and that the company didn’t take care of them better. An uncomfortable Bayley tried to change the topic by saying that WWE does take care of them, but Leahy brought it back by asking if they even had a CBA (collective bargaining agreement) and jokingly if she could negotiate one for them. The Fair Game account tweeted a clip of this portion of the interview, but it has since been deleted. However, you can see a transcript of what was said below, as well as the video of it below and more of what the Fair Game official account posted up.

Bayley: “Oh man. It’s not pretty. It’s haaard. The hardest part is literally the drives afterwards. Like we’ll have four-hour drives, five-hour drives. Sometimes it’s in the sketchiest towns when there’s literally nothing, and you’re afraid you’re gonna run out of gas, which does happen. It’s gotten very close where I have to take my foot off the pedal. The last time it happened–”

Leahy (interrupting): “You’re driving YOURSELF? You don’t have like a driver?”

Bayley: “No…”

Leahy: “WHAT???”

Bayley: “Yeah, we drive ourselves. We get our own rental cars and we drive ourself.”

Leahy: “You get a RENTAL car?

Bayley: “Yes. How do you expect us to get around to these towns and entertain people?”

Leahy: “I don’t know! You’re superstars. I feel like after the show there’s a driver, and it’s like, ‘Here’s your driver. Get in. You’ve had a hard day of work. We’ll drive you with a full tank of gas.’”

Bayley: “We do it five days a week, so they can’t do that for 30 superstars five days a week.”

Leahy: “I don’t know. I think they make a lot of money off of you guys.”

Bayley: “I think so too, but you know, they take care of us for most things-“

Leahy (interrupting): “Do you want me to negotiate your guys’ new CBA? Do you have CBA?”

Bayley: “No, but–”

Leahy: “Let’s make one. Drivers!”

Bayley: “Things like this, they work around it. It’s fun though, it does become fun. You get to connect with whoever you travel with and there’s memories you won’t have with anyone else. It becomes a real family or sisterhood or brotherhood.”

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