Backstage Speculation on Shane McMahon's Injury & His Participation at WrestleMania

— Shane McMahon’s status for WrestleMania is unclear. Based on last night’s Smackdown, WWE is promoting a Shane & Daniel Bryan vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn match, but the confusion is whether Shane’s situation is a work or not.

— According to Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live, it does seem as if Shane was indeed hospitalized, but there are now questions on whether the “umbilical hernia” and scheduled surgery may have been made up especially since WWE alluded it was due to the assault by Owens and Zayn.

— It’s also possible that everything WWE wrote about Shane is true and he’s going to work through the injury at WrestleMania before undergoing surgery after the PPV. This type of hernia is extremely painful, but could still be put off if he’s scripted to simply stand around or have minimal physicality.

— If Shane did already undergo the surgery or is scheduled to undergo it before WrestleMania, he would not be able to engage in any physical activity for at least several weeks, making his presence in any match extremely doubtful, if not impossible. With one week left until WrestleMania, it’s also possible a further announcement could come on Tuesday.

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