Backstage News On The Rock & Undertaker Being Open To Work More For WWE

The WWE Shop website recently moved The Rock from the “Alumni roster” to the “current roster,” and apparently this wasn’t a mistake.

There has been some speculation within WWE as of late, particularly since the television ratings started dropping, of WWE trying to bring The Rock back to television in an attempt to boost the numbers during NFL season.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that WWE’s promotions department has been told that The Rock and company officials are in the middle of serious talks about doing something together before the end of 2015.

Another top WWE Superstar who hasn’t been around, or has been on a very limited, part-time schedule and is open to working more as of late, is The Undertaker.

Taker is reportedly open to working more dates this year than he has in past years, but those would probably only be special dates, outside of the tour of Mexico later this month.

The reason Undertaker is said to be willing to work more dates this year is because he is apparently in much better physical shape than he has been in recent years, as he has finally fully healed from injuries and surgeries he had been dealing with for a long time.

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(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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