Backstage News On Paul Heyman's WWE Return On RAW

As we saw on Monday’s RAW from Greensboro, North Carolina, Paul Heyman made a surprise return to WWE as a representative of Brock Lesnar. In his first WWE television appearance since December 2006, Paul Heyman talked about how much things have changed since he last represented Lesnar 10 years ago, said the fans had betrayed Brock Lesnar and read a statement from Lesnar stating that he quit the company.

According to backstage sources, Heyman is scheduled to be featured on WWE television through August, leading up to a grudge match at SummerSlam between Brock Lesnar and Triple H. Paul Heyman will serve as Brock Lesnar’s on-air mouthpiece as a way to keep Lesnar a focal point of storylines without having to use up the limited dates on his contract.

As far as why he came back, it was described as a chance for him to do something new on a limited basis, get his name out, work with some close friends and make some money. At this time, there are no plans for Heyman to be involved in the creative process outside of Lesnar’s angles.

Heyman’s WWE return was put together in the last week and was not something that has been planned during Lesnar’s negotiations, which took place in March prior to WrestleMania.

* VIDEO of PAUL HEYMAN’s Return To WWE From Monday’s RAW

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