Backstage News On Daniel Bryan's Push, CM Punk/Shield Situation On RAW

– Apparently the reason WWE promoted a match featuring “CM Punk vs. a member of The Shield on SmackDown” on RAW this past Monday night was because at around 10pm on Monday, Vince McMahon had yet to make up his mind on which of the three members of The Shield would be the best opponent for Punk.

– According to one source, when it comes to Daniel Bryan’s push, it’s not that the WWE creative team didn’t want him to get revenge, win the WWE title or even gain some sort of symbolic win, it’s that no one on the creative team has the type of influence that Vince McMahon or Triple H have, who ultimately make the final call.

CM Punk Makes Fun Of Roman Reigns In Front Of WWE Fans (VIDEO)

[Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter]

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