Backstage Details On What Led To The Release Of Sabu From WWE


The plan for last night’s ECW on Sci Fi television taping was for Sabu to work a job match against Kevin Thorn. Apparently Sabu did not want to work the match due to a neck injury and showed up late to the taping. One source is reporting that Sabu has been voicing his unhappiness with the company for quite some time and may have even purposely showed up late last night, expecting to be sent home.

Sabu has had a string of incidents as of late that involve him arriving late and showing up without his gear. There was an incident a few weeks back where he showed up late for a television appearance and ended up wearing Davari’s boots and tights.

In addition to the other problems, there are rumors of an incident involving Sabu over the weekend; however, the specifics are unknown at this point. Nonetheless, Sabu is gone from World Wrestling Entertainment.

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