Backstage Details Behind Samoa Joe's New Costume, Don West's Heel Turn, Suicide

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— The idea behind Samoa Joe’s altered appearance (buzzcut hairstyle, tribal black face paint, and brown Mongolian pajamas) is that it would make him an even bigger star than ever before. The intention was not to make the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion look bad, although some are comparing his new costume to that of Mike Shaw’s short-lived WWE character Friar Ferguson as their respective outfits appear to be made of the same material.

— TNA officials have already decided to tone down Don West’s heel act. They felt they went too far with it and had to get it under control. West will continue to play a heel, but rather, a subtle heel, like on the last two episodes of Impact. Although, West really only acts heelish when The Beautiful People are wrestling or when the babyfaces do something outrageously stupid.

— There is talk that when Frankie Kazarian is able to return to the ring from injury, he will get the Suicide gimmick. The gimmick is currently being portrayed by Christopher Daniels.

*SPOILER* on a new faction coming together in TNA (>>)

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