Austin Aries Talks Slammiversary, How Important Pay-Per-Views Are For Impact Wrestling, Will He Be ‘ALL IN’?

IMPACT Wrestling World Champion, Austin Aries recently spoke with the Daily Mirror ahead of Slammiversary and whether he is ALL IN.

Is Aries looking forward to Slammiversary:

“A man called Moose – I want to make that distinction because I don’t want people thinking that I am abusing a real moose. That being said, I am really excited, it’s the biggest match of his career and I know what that means for him. He has been training hard, so he thinks. From a company standpoint, it is going to be a good stepping stone, in a really unique venue. There is going to be a lot of people with a lot of energy and for me, I get to go out in the main event, in the position I want to be in.”

How important are PPV’s for IMPACT?

“Listen, the medium is changing, right. Pay-per-views used to be your money draw and everything on TV was getting people to put down their money for the pay-per-view. But as the medium is different now, we are still in transition period. Pay-per-view in this model are these moments we are building towards, special moments. Pay-per-views bring conclusion to storylines and what has been going on from television. It is important to give viewers satisfactory pay off over storylines and that is why pay-per-views are important.”

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Is he ALL IN?

“I am not at liberty to say, but it would be interesting to call the show All In if I am not involved. I know I am taking part in a huge eight-man tag match the following night, which includes Rey Mysterio and Pentagon, which is going to be lots of fun. I could also be having some other roles over the weekend. But for All In, I will be in town, I will have my belts with me and I am not hard to find.”

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Daily Mirror

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