Austin Aries Describes The Backstage Reaction To Alberto El Patron's Impact Wrestling Departure

As noted, Impact Wrestling double-champion Austin Aries took part in a media conference call to promote the company recently. During the call, Aries spoke at length about the recent incident involving Alberto El Patron, which ultimately led to his departure from the promotion.

Featured below are some of the highlights of topics Aries spoke about during the call.

On Impact Wrestling moving on after the situation that led to Alberto El Patron’s latest departure, and how it will open up opportunities for other talents in the company: “It’s unfortunate but we’re moving on. All things being equal, I thought the matchup I ended up having at the joint show ended up being more challenging and more exciting. So we’re moving forward, we’re looking forward to the 22nd and really trying to capitalize on some things that maybe a year or two ago we wouldn’t have been talking about in the wrestling landscape. We’re gonna have a couple of the top stars from Lucha Underground competing for the Impact World Championship, and that’s pretty exciting.”

On the reaction behind-the-scenes in Impact Wrestling to El Patron no-showing the event last Friday:”With him being a professional such as he is and everybody else involved, I wasn’t overly concerned, but as the event was going I did inquire if anybody had seen him or where his location was, and that’s when we realized that he hadn’t arrived yet. As far as it affected the match, I don’t really think so. Both those guys are very talented and for me, it was just trying to change gears and it was the first time working with either of those guys and getting in the ring with them. But I don’t really think it affected the match so much, I was really happy with what we were doing out there, other than obviously the outcome because I would’ve liked to have won, because then maybe I wouldn’t find myself in this situation now.”

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