As China Plays Waiting Game, 'Umbrella Revolution' Vows Escalation

Leaders of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong on Wednesday used China’s National Holiday to announce their determination to escalate tactics against what they see as unjust rule by the pro-Beijing government that now controls seven million people who live in the former British colony.

Though the Wall Street Journal reports that Hong Kong’s chief executive Leung Chun-ying, taking orders from Beijing, has determined the best course of action is to “wait out protesters” that have held central sections of the city since last week, the leaders of the movement—first initiated with a call to Occupy Central with Peace and Love but now broadly referred to as the ‘Umbrella Revolution’—say that they don’t plan to wait much longer for their demands to be met.


As CNN reports:

According to the South China Morning Post, if the demonstrators follow through with their promises of escalation, it “would almost inevitably lead to physical confrontation with security agencies.”

Offering an informative background primer on the political tensions in Hong Kong on Wednesday, the Guardian‘s Jonathan Kaiman points out:

At formal National Day celebrations—marking the 65th anniversary of Chinese self-rule under the Communist Party—students, including 17-year-old pro-democracy leader Joshua Wong, showed their disdain for the lack of democratic protections at a flag-raising ceremony in the city. Again from CNN:

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