Alberto Del Rio Concussion Update & Plans For Money In The Bank

Following a recent concussion, Alberto Del Rio was pulled from his World Heavyweight title match against Sheamus at No Way Out just days before the show. A #1 contender’s match was held on the June 11th “go home” RAW and Dolph Ziggler went on to challenge Sheamus instead.

As it turns out, Del Rio was actually medically cleared to wrestle by No Way Out, but WWE had no way of knowing he’d be healthy in time. The talent roster is already stretched very thin with so many top names out of action (Orton, Mysterio, Jericho), but the company is taking concussions very seriously erred on the side of caution by replacing Del Rio with Ziggler.

The night after the pay-per-view, Del Rio wrestled Santino in a comedy match on RAW. The idea was to get Del Rio back in action without him having to face a stiff worker (like Sheamus) in his first match back after a concussion.

Del Rio will now likely get his World Heavyweight title shot against Sheamus at Money in the Bankon July 15th. Like last year, there will be two Money in the Bank ladder matches on the card.

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(Partial Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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