Al Snow On If Pro Wrestling Has Changed, One Specific Problem With Today’s Wrestlers and More (Video)

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Former WWE and Impact Wrestling star Al Snow recently spoke with Kevin Kelly for Title Match Wrestling, and you can check out the full interview in the video below. The following are some interview highlights.

On today’s wrestling not being like “it used to be”:

“When I first broke into wrestling there were older guys that were there that would say ‘it’s not like it used to be’, or ‘eh, these kids’, you know, that was always there, it’s always been the case it always will be. But wrestling hasn’t changed. I know that everybody likes to espouse the belief that professional wrestling has changed – it has developed, it has evolved, it’s grown, the presentation is more sophisticated because the audience is more sophisticated, but it’s not changed. It is still a physical artform of telling a story in the context of a competitive situation.”

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On a specific problem with today’s wrestlers:

“The problem is that so many of the wrestlers these days have gotten so far away from that competitive thing. And that is the only thing an audience wants to believe in. They want to believe why you do something and who you are, as a character¬†or a personality. And the wrestlers focus too much today on what they do, not on who they are and why the did it.”

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