A History Of Donald Trump And Vince McMahon In The WWE

Yes, Donald Trump, the new president elect of United States of America has some ups and downs with the World Wrestling Entertainment. Trump is a known WWE friend and fan of the entertainment firm owner Vince McMahon.
Trump Plaza

The Trump Plaza, owned by Trump has hosted two WrestleMania events, IV and V. also, other buildings belonging to Trump have been hired severally by WWE to host some the company’s shows in the past. For example, the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City hosted the 1991 WBF Championship. Jesse Ventura interviewed WrestleMania XX Trump at the ringside.
WrestleMania XXIII: Battle of Billionaires

The president-elect is not new to making cameos in WWE shows. He surprised everyone by appearing once on WWE’s main pay-per-view main event Wrestle Mania XXIII. Here, faced off against Vince McMahon in a hair versus hair match, dubbed the “Battle of the Billionaires”.

This set a center stage for rivalry, with both signing a contract with a clause that the looser to shave off their hair. On Trump’s side was ECW Hardcore Champion Bobby Lashley. Vince McMahon chose Umaga to fight for him, his son Shane “O’Mac” McMahon, as the referee.

Umaga enjoyed much of the control in the match over his opponent Lashley, coming close to winning the match, only for special referee Stone Cold Steve Austin to interrupt the match. Austin dragged Shane O’Mac off the stage, sending him sprawling to the floor thanks to an upper cut. Umaga repulsed Austin’s attack but caught off guard by Trump who made a surprise appearance.
Trump launched a vicious attack on the WWE chair. Stone Cold regained consciously, hit Umaga with his signature move, the Stunner. Lashley charged at the staggering Umaga, landing a sphere, then won the fight after a count out.

Trump and Stone Cold tied McMahon to a chair at the centre of the ring and tonsured the CEO’s head. What followed was Austin executing a stunner on Trump and leaving the ring.

Monday Night Raw “Sale” on June, 15th 2009
As part of the storyline of the upcoming shows, McMahon announced that he had sold the show to Donald Trump. Appearing on the screen in the WWE universe, Trump confirmed declaring, that the upcoming commercial-free episode in person and would give a full refund to fans who purchased tickets. On June 22, 2009, the WWE’s chair “bought back” his show, with the theme “Money, Money” written specially for him by Jim Johnston.

Hall of Fame 2013
Although the WWE is incredibly shy when it comes to speaking out on Donald Trump’s indictment into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013, WWE still recognised him in the Celebrity Wing of the Hall of Fame, looking at his improved contributions to celebrity matters other than pro wrestling.

Trump and Linda McMahon
Vince’s wife, Linda McMahon has always had strong links and kinship relationship with the president elect. She is a former Republican Senate candidate and previous WWE CEO Linda McMahon and donated USD 6 million to Trump’s presidential campaigns.
Upon Trump’s election to the White House, she was the only member of the McMahon family to express delight, taking it to her Twitter account @Linda_McMahon

What a night! Thrilled to congratulate my friend, President-Elect Donald Trump on a hard-fought campaign and victory. @realDonaldTrump pic.twitter.com/FCpT1sPphR
— Linda McMahon (@Linda_McMahon) November 9, 2016



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