6 Reasons To Still Be Excited For WrestleMania 36

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We are just days away from what promises to be the most unique WrestleMania in history.

16 matches all taped without a live crowd, at various locations including the WWE Performance Center, the Firefly Fun House, and an actual cemetery.

The singles return of Edge. The crowning moment of Drew McIntyre. The first time in history that the NXT Women’s Championship will be defended at WrestleMania. I haven’t checked the math on this, but I also assume it’s the first WWE show in history to feature FOUR women’s title defenses, period.

But there’s also a lot of uncertainty. Can WWE put together two pay-per-view length shows without an audience? Will it be any good? Can they successfully transport us out of this awful, uncertain point in history for one weekend?

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The way we see it – sure this is going to be strange. Very, very strange. Perhaps at times uncomfortable. But it’s still the first week in April, it’s still WrestleMania, and we’ve come up with six very good reasons why we should still be very excited for this weekend’s festivities.

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